The most evil cosmetics company in the world. As a company they are backstabbing scum who treat their suppliers like dirt promising big orders but rarely delivering. And when you get an order their quality people reject everything based on archaic byzantine specifications thet they provide little training on. The supplier is expected to essentially become a branch of L'Oreal.
Don't buy any L'Oreal products.
by discordian December 22, 2003
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An alternate universe in which the speaker truly is "worth it", despite being dumb, fat and ugly. Can be magically invoked by the purchase of overpriced cosmetics.
BillyJane: Ohhhhhh i'm just so cute, my new eyeshadow makes my butt soooo much smaller!!1!

BillyBob: Yeah, must be nice living in your l'oreality. Have fun.
by too cool for my name July 31, 2008
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Someone who is not perfect but they are Worth it
He's not perfect but he's L'Oreal
by Eliza Elvive March 30, 2020
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A cosmetics company that produces rather cheap products, all of which are tested on animals without guilt. Don't question these people about anything they do, because they are also very rude.
The other day I bought some l'oreal mascara, not only did it work like crap, but I also had to bear the burden of knowing that I bought something that was ruthlessly tested on animals.
I'm not buying anymore l'oreal products!
by liziath January 19, 2007
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french for oral sex. It can be used as both a noun and a verb.
Now that we've french kissed, care to partake in l'oreal?

Michael Jordan L'Orealed that basketball court huh?
by Tim O. June 20, 2007
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