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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Even though it is a rare name, it suits him well. Because someone like Kyte is rare to find. Kyte always wears a goofy smile and isn't afraid to make fun of himself. He'll stand up for what's right and won't let injustice get away. Kyte's are typically funny and friendly but sometimes they just need some cheering up. Kyte's make great buddies. If you ever meet a Kyte, befriend him instantly.
Girl 1: Omg who's that attractive guy over there?
Girl 2: Must be a Kyte
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by ThisIsUnacceptable June 12, 2019
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Prison slang for a contraband letter or other form of communication. Especially relevant during lockdowns in which communication is limited. (Alternative spelling: kite)
"You talk to Jimmy?"

"Yeah man I dropped him a kyte."
by camel the mammal December 26, 2011
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A "kyte" is a slang term for a note sent from one prisoner to another without the officers knowledge.
That "swamp donkey" just sent you a kyte. See "swamp donkey" for definition.
by BorisGiftOfGab June 08, 2017
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A Type Of Weed That Make Your Skin Boils. And Doesnt Get In Your System.
"Im Buggn Off This Kyte
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by ItsReeseBih March 16, 2017
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