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Kyri is a girl's name, short for Kynerith....

Kyri's are multi-talented, beautiful, tall, brilliant dancers and accomplished musicians.

They are incredibly loving and thoughtful girlfriends, and are generally wonderful to be around.
"Hey, who is she?"

"Oh, that's my friend Kyri, she's cool"

"Wow, she's hot, does she have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, she does, they love each other very much."

"Ah, damn..."
by rev84rev April 22, 2013
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A skinny black boy, who cries a lot and is shit at fortnite
Come on Phil don't be such a Kyri
by AquaVent May 30, 2018
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kyri. a ship name for, kyle and britney
they are perfect for eachother. kyri is love, kyri is life.
jojo: kyri is love
claire: kyri is life
min: stan kyri
by minhoe.stankyri April 19, 2019
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