These rare specimens were known for being incredibly intelligent Jewish warlords. They once roamed free among young children before they ran into extinction during the time of the holocaust
I had a friend named Kyle back in the 80's.
by Magicfedora July 27, 2016
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A strong willed person with a huge ego and is bad at spelling. But is young truth full will go out of his way for others. He likes football and helping others.He has a big brain filled with scientific equations and math problems. he has all the factors multiples up to 15 x 15. He is a kind person and will do anything for his loved ones. And you will fall in love with him very easily.
He is really smart is that a Lucas.
No he is a Kyle
by MRtKN January 10, 2017
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Kyle is guy who won't think twice to help you and never sees it as a big deal. He has a strong drive to protect everyone around him. Kyle is smart in school and the ways of the world but can be the biggest dumbass at times. Usually funny because of jokes that degrade himself and he is always fun to be around. Loves the ladies but gets a little less back. Has been called cute and such by random girls but never led to anything so he doesn't buy it. Very humble and doesn't think he is worth the shit he puts in the toilet. Can be very serious and depressed but holds his problems to himself not wanting others to share his burden. Learns from his mistakes and won't give in if he makes the battle personal. Kyle just seems to love everyone even if you are a doosh.
Kyle may be the best guy we will ever know.

Kyle would give his life for us.
by TheSockMan!! November 27, 2009
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a really sweet guy who is thoughtful but will use you. but because if his charm you won't see his evil. Once you finally understand him he will leave you. He will apologize and be sorry for what he did and you should except his apology because he learned and will be a better person. He is also super cute and lovable.
Jess: Oh my god Kyle used you! I'm not shocked!
Beth: he used me to get pussy tit and ass pics!
Jess: I told you to be careful with kyles!
by poopnard022 August 22, 2014
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kyle (female name; noun) is the cool girl most boys want. She usually has GREAT teeth and she is always there for you. She is fierce when it comes to food, so watch out cuz she might grab for your fries! Basically, you HAVE to find a kyle because she is the most FABULOUS girl you can find.
boy: mmmm these french fries are the bomb.

kyle: *grabs handful of fries* YUM!
boy: kyle!!!! aww I can't stay mad at u!
by superbae13 December 16, 2014
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The most amazing human being to ever walk the face of the planet. If he punched you in the face, You would have to resist the urge to thank him. Not that he would ever punch you to begin with. (He's so fantastic that he doesn't like mindless violence) Kyle's are very opinionated, but in the cutest little way. Kyle's are also very beautiful in apperance and have awesome man pecs. They tend to be very humerous and have witty comebacks and are VERY very interesting to talk to. You'll never be bored around a Kyle. They're very good listners and very emotional people. They have the best personality ever, and Kyle's are very flirty and have the most amazing eyes. This definition of a Kyle does no justice.
Person 1: "Who's that kid over there?"
Person 2: "Can't you tell? Thats a Kyle!"
Person 1: "Well hot damn."
Person 2: "Amen."
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