A gorgeous, sexy, sweet, and amazing guy who is someone to definitely get to know. He is so much fun and will marry someone as gorgeous as he is. He often goes out of his way for other people and never has an official plan. He just goes with the flow :) Oh, and has a nice ass ;)

I love you Kyle, Marry me?
The girlfriend: "Kyle, I'm really sick.."

Kyle: "Don't worry baby I'll be there in a hour or so. I might have to walk a mile or two and take a bus, but I'll be there!"
by Erin :)))) October 07, 2008
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The most amazing guy in the world, he'd do anything to make his girl happy. He makes sure EVERY day would be perfectly amazing for her. He never fails to make her girl smile. He'd make her mad, then knows just how to make her smile too. He's the sweetest, he'd be happy when he sees you happy. He'd wait for you for the longest time even after knowing all your flaws. He still calls you perfect after yelling at him from PMS. He'd kiss you on your forehead in the most random times, hugs you unexpectedly, and tell you you're beautiful at your worst. He has no idea how much a girl can love him, but for sure, he knows what he's doing. This guy, it's just a miracle to meet someone like him. You can barely find a guy who'd love you after knowing everything about you. Once you find someone like him, never let go of him. He's full of surprises, you'd get excited for the next time you'd meet him. When you're together, time flies so fast, because every moment is just amazing with him. He calls you perfect but he just never knows, he's the perfect one. I'd like to say more but he's mad right now. For not telling him what I'm doing. So for now, that's it. Kyle simply means amazing and perfect.
Miki loves Kyle.
Kyle is perfect.
Miki will never let go of Kyle.
by SuperPiggy&CrazyUnggoy June 25, 2011
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An insanely cute guy who has a way with the ladies ;) He is such a sweetheart that can make anyone's heart melt. He's really determined and once he has his heart set on something he will go for it. He will bring out the best in you and will always make you laugh with his awesome sense of humor. He is an incredible best friend, lover, anything he sets his mind to- he succeeds and is great at! He is such a stud and is super trustworthy. You can tell him anything, and he will always keep your secrets and stay a loyal friend. Besides from being incredibly goodlooking, he is also an extremely smart guy, who is charming, kind, and exceptionally fun to be around! Not to mention his kisses are out of this world perfect!! His presence brightens up any room with his radiant smile and adorable butt chin. He is the best friend anyone could ever wish for; and anyone is lucky to know him.
Friend: Who are you texting?
Girl: Kyle! :)
Friend: Damn you're lucky, he's amazing <3
by justakiss November 07, 2011
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A guy you meet in middle school and end up falling in love with right away. He can easily win any girl's heart but destroy it without realizing it. He is modest and cocky when it comes to his appearance and athletic abilities. He can be a flirt. He can have mood swings and make hurtful jokes without realizing it. In the end, he's an unpredictable guy. You want to hate him, but you just can't.
Kathleen- "I love Kyle!"
Friend- "You'll never stop!"
by Heartbroken1203980132947 May 06, 2011
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the most amazing, perfect sweet boy in the world. light of my life. the funniest, most random and strongest boy ever. cute, adorable and beautiful: he is the person you will undoubtly fall in love with he's mine <3 (:
You wish you were a Kyle.
by eric (: June 12, 2008
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Noun.-One of the best guys on the face of the earth. Extremely smart, yet athletic, talented, and downright sexy. Is good at football, and will definatly marry a hot girl.
by Ying-Chong February 07, 2008
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A sexy, loving, and extremely caring guy. They are usually quiet thinkers, easy to love, and are usually athletic. Kyles usually go out of their way for their friends, are very good problem solvers, and will listen to every detail of a friend's problem before helping to solve it. Kyles are also very calm and patient, truthful, and fair people

*The name comes from (Irish) Gaelic and Celtic roots, meaning:
-Channel (Canal or Strait)
-Narrow (Woods or Churches)

Kyles are known to be extremely compatible with Meredith
Hey, who's that sexy guy over there helping Natasha get over her ex? Dude, that's Kyle!
by BControl March 19, 2009
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