kweed stands for "kpop" + "weed" due to its highly addictive content
kweed f4 is a cult (group chat) consisting of 4 kweed dealers who are high 24/7
their representative symbol is "ዊ"
they recently realized that they have no friends
a: no matter what group chat we join
a: it's always the four of us talking
b: we have no friends
b: kweed f4
c: why
c: xswl
d: *picture of jyp crying*

5 seconds later:

d: siwhdjkehdjkehjkdhjkewkjdnekndk
d: *video of park jimin*
a: sjkwkd
b: hdekhdjkehd
c: g2edgh2ebdj

b: *video of kim jisoo*
b: i'm hiiigh
a: so that's why we don't have friends
d: *picture of jyp crying and laughing*
c: why
c: xswlll
by superiorlesbian August 19, 2020