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Citizens of Kuwait.
People who live in Kuwait.
My mother lives in Kuwait therefore she is a Kuwaiti.
by strawbarihelper March 03, 2008
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You're engaged in inverted anal sex (ie. upside down) with a lighter in hand. Air is building up inside your partner's large intestine. Just when she (or he) is starting to enjoy it, you pull out, light the well on fire, and retreat.
George Bush senior's defense of kuwaiti peoples
by Pyro Luver December 15, 2010
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most are conceited. Kuwaitis think that they are the best among other Arabs. While in fact they have no history. The word "Kuwaiti" have no historical bases, as "Bahraini" or "Yemeni". most Kuwaitis are of Iraqi or Hasawi (Saudi Arabia) orgins, many are of Persians, Bahraini (Arab), Egyptian (Arab), and many other countries.
hey man look at that guy with the strange hair style, where do you think is he from?
I really don't know, it seems that he is Kawli, or Tarash Bahar Arabs, or he might be Kuwaiti
by Elhamouh September 10, 2008
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