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Originally the name for the β€œcut-off” denim jacket worn by Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs; now used to define the sleeveless vest worn by any number of counterculture groups.
Ie.., β€œSee the 1% Diamond on his Kutte? That means he’s a member of an elite motorcycle club”
by Boomx2 June 24, 2019
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They type of DIY jacket worn by punks. A kutte is usually a jean or leather jacket, often times with the sleeves cut off, covered in patches, chains, markered or painted messages/pictures, studs, and spikes. The word is more widely used in the German punk scene.
Man, that is one fuckin' studded kutte.
by victoria17 August 15, 2006
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A finnish name usually refering to a male. Kutte's are very egomanic and selfcentered
Hey you know Kutte?
Jea he thinks hes a real big shot.
by V-Torion March 20, 2017
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