Kurt Vonnegut is an author. He looks like this:
Kurt Vonnegut is a human. There are 6.5 billion humans on Earth, which is the third planet from it's sun.
by Kilgore Trout October 24, 2007
A literary genius for whom I would go gay for. The best human being to ever grace this universe.
I would become a fabulous homosexual for Kurt Vonnegut.
by Frothy Walrus March 13, 2010
A writer. Most famously wrote Sluaghter House Five, cats cradle. A literarly God.

By the way, his son, Mark Vonnegut, has a wonderful book. It's called, "The Eden Express."
Kurt Vonnegut is god. He is a better writer then you. He is a better writer then all the other writers that you read.
by Jakeisuseless March 1, 2005
kurt vonnegut is much cooler than you.
by tigre December 22, 2004
a really good writer, but not a god. that sorta takes it too far.
My friend recommended Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut. I enjoyed it, but it didn't make me want to worship him.
by bokonon March 20, 2005