originated from the word "coarse" which quickly became "kures".
used when nobody cares or someone said something stupid. also used in a joking manner to exasperate feelings of dread or sarcasm.
I love school.-> kures.

i got laid last night.-> kures!
by bursurs March 26, 2009
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Serbian word for medium/small sized reproductive organ often heard when your father/grandfather/cousin asks you if you jerk off that idiot in your pants. It can be also used as a pronoun for young boy (and trans girl), if you are his parent.
ENG: Dad: How was school today, my kure.

SRB: Отац: Како је било у школи данас, куре татино.
by WeedSoaker December 7, 2021
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"Damn All The Kids In Kuring-Gai High Are Fuckin Eshays" - Some Random Asquith Cunt...Probably
by Pablito Fernito :) August 27, 2019
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A group for a good cause you should definitely join!
Join the Kidney Kancer Kure!
by BeatleBoyThicc August 12, 2018
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this is a ship name for Jure and Naja.
Friend:I ship kure,they are so cute together
by lisaandkylie May 25, 2021
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