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'Kupo' - The word that is uttered at the end of sentance by the creature Moogle. The meaning of this word is unknown.

'Unkupo' - This word's meaning is in a range of definitions, (Bad, Not Good, Horrible, etc.)

'Kupopo' - Is sometimes uttered at the beggining of a sentance, exact meaning is not certain but is sometimes said with questionable tone before asking a question or ending... But could also be uttered in normal sentances.

Kupo is a vocabulary word that is said by small winged creatures called, Moogles. The meaning of Kupo is not very clear at the moment but is used only by Moogles.
"How are you, Kupo?" -
"This is creepy, Kupo..."
"Hey, Kupo!"
"Kupopo? Are you sure, Kupo?"
"That was unkupo..."

The Definition of Kupo & Kupopo are really not known very well and would like the creators who thought this word up to give a very detailed meaning on what it means.
by Matthew Raizoku May 07, 2005
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word said by moogles or mogs. "Kupo" as no real definition more like moogle slang, kinda of like saying man. Kupo is too Moogles like Dude is to white people.
1)Moogle: What are ya buyin, kupo.
White Guy: What are ya selling, dude
by webbut January 30, 2007
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Confirming the suspections of many humans, kupo seems to be the most common word that moogles use. While some humans think this is cute, the more learned ones believe that this is a special coded message, meant to communicate with the creatures of dark. 'Kupo' can be easily mis-interpreted
"Hello, kupo!"
Can be thought of as
"Hello, nice to see you"
when it could mean
"Hello, damn you for ruining my summoning spell (where i was going to summon a being of mass destruction) by walking into my house."
"Hello, shut the f*ck up and get out of my house"
by lowehi April 12, 2004
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The only known word in the moogle language. Used in the same manner as a Canadian would use the word 'eh'.
"Kupo! You found my Kupo nuts!"
by zypharon December 20, 2003
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The only word that Moogles can say do to the fact they have lost their cluture over the years.
Kupo making Final Fantasy nuts kupo for kupo nuts.
by Woogy January 27, 2005
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a derogatory term that refers to humes or hume-like creatures of lesser status, usually only spoken directly to the accused, and often spouted by tiny pom-pom wearing creatures.
"Hi how is it going, kupo!"
by The Bonga Bugle March 03, 2009
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