Kumalala and Savesta are the best light skins in the lightskin-verse but which one is better? They both are at war with each other personaly Kumalala is better
Joe: Hey did you hear about Kumalala vs Savesta
Hugh: Yea Kumalala is wayyy better
Johnson(not good person): Savesta diff no cap
by lol olo June 8, 2022
When you ask your friend to do the song he sings all the day
Friend: Hey do that one song you sing all the day!
Other Friend: Kumalala Kumalala Kumela Savesta (N word) talking crazy we gon' hit him in his chesta, Ooooo na na na na savesta
by Sussy English August 17, 2022
Words used to describe goofy handsome lightskins like Kumalala, Savesta, Drake or Stephen Curry.
-The Kumalala Savesta niggas are goofy af

-Ong, but they are funny as hell
by Sir Quandale Dingle May 31, 2022