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A boy difficult to understand. He can appear cool and confident and intimidate people with his good looks, but once you earn his trust you will see that there is no other like him. He's kind hearted and in awe of nature. He lives off adrenaline and having fun. Kuda loves to party but always keeps his promises. He loves his music and even writes songs. He's thoughtful and quiet at times but that doesn't mean he isn't happy. When you're with him he can make you forget everything else, you become a whole new person and you don't want to be apart from him. Once you're close with him you never want to change it because your life is finally perfect.
"Hey, I think I'm in love.. I've found a Kuda."
"My life is perfect with Kuda."
"I won't stop fighting for my Kuda."
by blonderson April 05, 2013
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everyones treatin me like a king today, this must be what Kuda feels like
by twala lover January 15, 2004
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Plain and simple... the vagina, hairpie, the golden triangle, the sweetspot, the pussy, the cunt, the beaver, the cunny, the cherry, tnuc, Ms Cooper's jackpot, the cove, the cave, the tunnel, Pinky & the Brain (one is an idiot, the other insane), moose lips, etc., etc., etc.
"Damn, your mom has a nice kuda"

"I'd talk about your mom, but you have two dads"
by Pedro the spicy September 03, 2005
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a spirited person who is driven by natural desires;
The kuda is a word used to indicate a horse by a number of austro-malay peoples who used to engage in horse fights. But as pronounced it also suggests the contraction of, "Cool dude, ha?" (KOOl Dude Ha)
There is going to be a real party when that kuda comes through that door.
by maria sta. maria August 07, 2004
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Acronym for Kids Underage Drinking Alcohol.
A place where underage drinkers are found.

A group of underage drinkers.
Pronounced Kooda's
"Look at them kuda's in the park getting drunk"
"More of a kuda den than a pub "
"train was full of kuda's"
"police moved a bunch of kuda's from the precinct"
"The nightclub was full of kuda's"
by Dave Harrison August 28, 2012
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Synonym for 'awesome'.
Requis: "Yo, I bought a new vibrating dildo today"
Felicia: "Yo bro that's kuda"
by moistpossum December 03, 2016
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