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lushous brown hair. Her hair is either curled (small curls), strait or natural (wavey). She has the most perfect eyes. ¡WARNING! If you look into them there is a very high chance that you will get lost in the depths of their beauty. This is a new term that scientists call the brown pools of Krystalles eyes effect. Underneath of her eyes is smooth to the touch. Not many know, but on this area (cheeks) she has freckles. She chooses to cover them. No one knows why she decides to cover up these things of beauty but I beleive that it's because if you connect them together; it's a map to the stars. If I had this map; I too would hide its secret. Between those rosy cheeks are her lips. Her lips are so juciy and if you kiss her they'll always be on your mind. Underneath of her decribed head is her body. Designed by the finest artists around the world. This body is firstclass. It has everything one could ask for. Beautful legs a nice butt and chest and it even has some amazing curves. Just rubbing one's hand up these will change a persons life, rewriting what beauty means. This is great but the true beauty is inside. She is spontaneous, cute, funny, energetic, and more. It's so hard to explain perfection due to it being so vast and nearly impossible to acheive but she is it. To just be with her will releive you of any pain, or anything. She truely is special. She deserves the greatest person on the planet that will treat her right.
I Love Krystalle. I don't deserve her.
by The Person Who Loves Her November 10, 2013
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