A kind, gentle friend who will be there for you if you truly mean something to them.
Whenever I’m really low, Krusha is always there for me.
by Crusher October 11, 2018
A misspelling/mispronunciation of Crusher, OR! The big, blue dumbass from Donkey Kong Country
Krusha: D... Does this mean i can stay up late?
Me: WAIT! PAUSE! Did Krusha just say a child's question, WHEN HE'S FUCKING NOT!!
by your best idiot April 5, 2010
The gentleman of the year. Unlike most people Krusha is always there when you need him ,he’s someone that’s doesn’t mind putting others before himself. Not only that he will have you sprung because daddy has the gift of Gab .

He also known to from 1 to 10 in 0.0 seconds and will be your ass any given Sunday.
1) Girl You know Krusha ? Yes he is so awesome and a great listen . I need a man like KRUSHA

2) That nigga Krusha talk me out of my draws last night , And Girl all I can say is Marry me

3) All I know is we were joke and then Boom Krusha smack the shit outta JUAN.

I need a Krusha in my life
by Krusha October 2, 2019
Acc. to Indian Dictionary,
A person who will available in your all ups and downs, but when their motto gets finished, they tend to get less familiar or selfish. 'Krusha's are more friendly, positive and innocent girls.
Krusha is a amazing girl, I met her yesterday!
by KKaLver November 24, 2021