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Oringinated form weirdo. Prounounced wee-bo. A weibo is that person that nobody wants to be around because they are a creep, jerk, or because they are just plain weird. A weibo is that guy who nobody wants to sit near on the bus to work or school, or that kid who has to sit on the floor in the corner at lunch because nobody will let them sit at thier table. From afar or the perspective of a complete newbie, a weibo will appear misunderstood and harmless. Once you get closer to them, you will only then realize why said person is shunned.
Weibo: Sup people?
Person 1: Hey guys, let's get out of here. *slowly backs away then runs*

Person 2: I'm with ya on that.
New Person: He doesn't seem that bad. I'm gonna go talk to him.

Person 1: Yeah good luck with that.

New Person: Hi.

Weibo: Hey babeh. Huh huh huh. *tries to kiss*
New Person: *slaps* You sick bastard!!! No wonder they hate you so much!!! I'm outta here!

Person 1: How did it go?

New Person: I don't wanna talk about it....
by Ruk4Nightwing December 30, 2011
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