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A person who knows what he or she wants, knows how to get what he wants, and gets it when he wants. He or she lives by his or her own code and does not care about what others think. A boss has his or her own personality, and does not follow the norm, just because it is the norm. A boss does not settle for less than he or she is worthy of.
Gabe has his own ambitions to became a professional barrister. Everyone keeps talking about how hard it is to find a job, and how difficult it is to be in the profession, with juniors being unable to find sufficient cases. But Gabe still persists in becoming a professional barrister, as he is confident, knows what he wants, and could not care less what others think.

Gabe is such a boss.
by sillyjojo July 10, 2018

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A Chinese-born Canadian rapper who is popular but not well-acknowledged.

Many people both inside and outside of China, but particularly in China where he is most popular, constantly mock him, even going so far as to go onto youtube (which is blocked in China) and write the nastiest harshest comments about him and make personal attacks against him.

People who hate him are usually just jealous of his success, and dislike him for being a humble, soulful person beneath that 'bad boy' appearance.

The mocking of him online by mostly Chinese netizens has made him all the more popular.
Kris Wu is slick, cool, and coming to a place near you.

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