Koy! A great name for a boy (or girl). A “Koy” is a kind human being who will do absolute anything for the people they care about. They are very talented in sports, academics, and art. You will be in awe when you find out their many skills and how creative and witty they are. Although they may be smart, their common sense may be a little low. But no matter what, this person will always find a way to make you laugh. This person is very inspiring, and many people don’t realize how great koy’s truly are. Their name is just as beautiful as an actual koi fish
Wow, I wish I had a best friend like Koy.
by post March 14, 2018
Something so good and awsome that it defies explanation.
Ivan: OMG. Thats just....koy!
by Øyvind V January 14, 2009
A girl bestfriend. She will have your back and help you in times of needs. She will put others needs before her own.
You are so awesome; you should be my Koy.
by soft chunky lips February 5, 2010
A Iu Mien name sometimes named by Iu Mien parents so they could have a male child after the child named Koy. Also Koy is a female Iu Mien name. Also confused by the Koi fish.
Hey what's your middle name?
You mean Koy like the fish? As in -K-O-I-?
No as in Iu Mien Koy as in -K-O-Y-
Oh so not the Koi fish?
by MatchGirl April 10, 2012
Japanese word for lover. shortcut for 'koibito'
Kanan was Hakkai's koi
by asaness June 5, 2005
one of the coolest chicks ever. She is a future therapist and can see everything, so dont lie to her
Koy, Koy, Koy
Your so crazy.
by makkaman May 22, 2004
1) Large species of carp
2) Vibrating dildo that can send your woman to the moon and around several stars.
I used my koi last night and came so hard I soaked the sheets
by Koi_Girl February 23, 2004