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Kow is slang from the Chinese term "Kowtow" meaning to bow extremely low, forehead to the ground, showing extreme submission. Some people mistakenly write it as "cow" or "cow down". However, cows are animals not particularly obsessed with the domination of others.
"Don't let yourself be kowed by peer pressure. You don't have to kow down to the corporate office."
by LeRee55 November 19, 2015
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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To illegaly make money selling candy door to door. This process usually takes a ready speach for every door and a place your raising the money for. Example: "Hi we're doing a fundraiser for Antelope View School, would you like to support us and buy some candy"?
Nadia: Hey Re Re lets get blown today.
Re Re: We don't got no money.
Nadia: Let's go kow.
Re Re: Okay.
by Re Re February 16, 2005
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Keep On Walking. Shoes that are less pleasing to the cock.

See also: CFM
flat flip flops or shoes that have a 2" heel or less

Christine: Hey guys, do you like my Tory Burch flips flops?

Brian and Ray: Damn girl, you ain't gonna get nothin in those KOW's!!!
by Kaslapus September 10, 2009
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Usually a pimp with a big ego and big feet
Wow bruh this kids name should be Kow
by The all knowing king March 24, 2017
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kuh-owh, cow
To know; to understand.
exactly the same as "know",

but without an "n"
Seth: Do you understand me?
Katie: Yes, I kow.
Seth: You mean, you know?
Katie: Nope, kow.
by On a boat. June 04, 2009
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