Rule of Thumb:

When someone says he is Korean, always assume that he is from SOUTH Korea.
John: Hey man, where you from?

Lee: Hi I'm korean.

John: Cool, north or south?

Lee: *Respectful Silence*
by pheonix September 5, 2012
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Adj. Someone who was either born or is an inhabitant of the Korean peninsula, regardless of the country, whether it be Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North) or Republic of Korea (South).
He was born in Seoul, therefore he is Korean by birth.
by delete October 4, 2005
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An Asian nationality that tends to be questioned by rednecks.
Jimmy: So... you Asian?
Jill: Yup.
Jimmy: Chinese, er Japanese?
Jill: ...I'm Korean.
Jimmy: Is that 'part of Japan?
by Skitzou November 15, 2005
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1) People who are of Korean heritage or were born in Korea.
2) Objects or merchandise from Korea

No koreans do not all look the same, apparently all asians look the same. Wrong. Go get a new pair of eyes. All three major Asian countries have similar cultures but are distinctly different. If you get pissed that some country copied your country get over yourselves because you aren't part of that country. Your country probably copied too.
Pencil label) Made in Korea. it's korean.
by Rune Lee August 15, 2010
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My best friend is Korean and I want to fix those stereotypes in your heads.

1. Not all Korean guys are dickheads. The cocky Korean guys you see all the time are probably the sociopaths who HAD to immigrate to the US to start anew, but ended up getting worse. A lot of Korean guys are really nice and fun to hang out with...just not those guys.

2. Not all Korean girls are fangirls. There ARE a lot of girls who hate the electronic sounds and gay-looking idols. Instead they like Korean hiphop or indie, which talk about things more important than money, cars, and women.
(also anyone who says pretty Korean girls are backstabbers and bitches is just kidding themselves.)

3. Not all Korean kids excel at math and science. I know most of them are, but that's just because the schools in Korea run a very tight curriculum in math and science. it really is not different. You can look at it as cramming.

4. Not all Koreans are weird dressers. Yes, I do realize some guys wear sweater vests and tight button-down shirts and so on. But Korea is well known for its unique street fashion.
(They do wear abercrombie and hollister, though.)

5. Not all Koreans hate Japan. Actually only the idiots hate the country itself. Most of them hate the cruel unhumane things that Japanese did to Koreans when Korea was Japan's territory, for 34 years.

6. Not all Korean guys love starcraft. Actually starcraft is really kind of dead now. If you tell people you play starcraft, they WILL call you a nerd.
Racist: Why the hell is a stupid Asian in this school?!

Normal person: He's my friend and he's way nicer than you, asshole. (punch) BTW he's Korean.
by talktoomuch December 22, 2011
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Koreanize (v)- To play mind games with a member of the opposite sex whom the subject likes in a manner similar to a typical Korean drama. The act of Koreanizing is usually performed as a method of making the victim chase/pursue the subject. However, these mixed signals usually result in confusion and broken hearts over a period of time.

The majority of Koreanizers are Korean women, however both men and non-Koreans are capable of Koreanizing.

Koreanization (n)- The act of Koreanizing someone.
Koreanizer (n)- A person who is especially good at Koreanizing.
Example 1:
Suppose these two people are flirting and the Korean girl says
Girl: Dan I really like you! You better add me on facebook!
Guy: I don't know how to spell your name so you should add me on facebook!
Girl: *turns around and walks away*
Guy: Man I just got Koreanized.

Example 2:
Suppose a guy and a Korean girl hit it off at a party. They make out, hold hands etc. She is sitting on the guys lap and the guy says
Guy: Hey, I have to leave now, give me your number and I'll call you sometime.
Girl: No! I'm not giving you my number!
Guy: Really? Just give me your number.
Girl: Nope!
Guy: Okay... well I'm going now so I guess I won't call you then.
Girl: Okay bye.
Guy: Uhh can you get off my lap now?... Fucking Koreanizing women...

*The examples above are genuine examples of Koreanization performed by real Korean women on me*
by OM NOM WOM October 11, 2010
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(south) korean have awesome music,dramas, movies.
korean have advance and awesome techonology
korean have good style.
(north) they have no control over their lives but they are not crazy people. dont blame them for being bad or boring, its not their fault that they have not freedom. its their government and the leader.
technology such as the chocolate phone, sumsung and many others. thousands of fans from all over the world listens to korean music
by xxxblueberryzxxx October 27, 2006
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