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A name of one of the hardest people alive, easily the coolest guy when he walks in the room, no question that all the hoes are looking at him whenever he pulls up to any event, even an event like Gekyume's Circumcision ceremony. If you see a Konstantino roaming around he is probably dripped out in some Ferragamo's and an iced out gold chain. Konstantino is a hoop god, and the likes of LeBron James and Michael Jordan bow down to him when he's on the court. Overall, a Konstantino is likely to steal your bitch and drown in that cash. He is no question the guy that everybody wants to be.
Hoe: Oh my God it's Konstantino I want him to fuck me so bad.
Dude: I was at his basketball game the other day and he dropped like 147 points and blocked everyone on the court at least 13 times.
Hoe: I'm gonna go try and talk to him
Hoe: Hi Konstantino!
Konstantino: Silence bitch I'm bout to go lay wood on Gigi Hadid
by Youngchungus April 18, 2019
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Konstantinos (kon stan TEE noss), also transliterated Constantinos (Greek: Κωνσταντινος), is a Greek given name. Meaning Steadfast and Constant.
I love Konstantinos.. he is so charming and hansome!
by BambiLuver February 03, 2010
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Sweet. Smart. Sexy. Handsome. Good in bed. You’re lucky he’s around you because he’s a good friend and the group hyper. Matches with Agnes.
Konstantinos texted me back. Yeeet
by Theodo69 February 02, 2019
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HES A mother fucking asshole swagging while walking showing off his 100 pound fat ass and his 56' dick. he suck people's cocks and kiss poeple's pussys.
KONSTANTINOS is sucking a boy's dick and gets AIDS
by LEAGUE OF SHINOBIS March 05, 2019
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A living founderer of Dark Neopaganism.

Most popular books:
-Nocturnal Witchcraft
-Gothic Grimoire
Dark Neopaganism combines meta-physics, religion, and wicca.
by Jeydehn December 23, 2004
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