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When a person has nothing to say and is in an awkward situation "yeeet" is the go-to word.
Yo mate I heard you fucked your dog last week, can I join next time?

by SkinnyLoser January 27, 2018
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it's like where you dab super hard and then whip n nae nae right after n superman that ho
Dean: Bless the dept with Samuel's ideas
Samuel: Yeeet
by Emo#0001 July 07, 2018
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Commonly known as the childhood and adolescent nickname for famous Irish poet W.B. Yeats.
I was sitting on the bus and saw an old bird reading a phat Yeeets poem
by numberoneyeeetsfan June 06, 2018
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YEEET is a word that can be used when you’re being sarcastic, petty, or even when you’re excited about something.
Example 1;

me: Bitchhh guess what! So Justin just followed his ex and liked all her stuff, but says he wants something “real” with me. He still stuck on his ex. He ain’t ready for nothing “real”.

my bitch: YEEET, im deaddd 🤣😭

Example 2;

me: Bitchhh, so Matt just texted me and said he wanted to “chill”.

my bitch: YEEET, yunno what’s finna go down! 😏
by SSSJJJ November 20, 2018
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