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Konstantin. When anyone thinks about that name they remember what he is like, the best , the hottest , the nicest person they have met. If you have someone like him in your life , you are so lucky.
Omg you are so Konstantin!!!
by Daoa Kolan July 13, 2014
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An awesome guy, who is sweet and loving. Konstantin is totally hot, super smart and sexy. Anyone who has him in their life is lucky. You'll never find a better man. Tall, brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Goofy Konstantin.
Amazing Konstantin, Man that Konstantin is hot
by wonder-women February 03, 2010
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Konstantin - A zen like state of mind usually associated with illusory superiority - Often presents as a form of entertaining delusional alternative reality in Bulgarian lone wolves. Side effects include accelerated hair loss, uncontrollable erections, and a predisposition to business time. Sometimes used as the standard unit measurement for bullshit (logarithmic scale).
1. He claimed his dick was so big, but when I saw it I realised he was suffering from Konstantin.
2. The claim that the car could do 0-60 in 3 seconds turned out to measure 6 on the Konstantin scale.
by Naturally Aspirated April 18, 2017
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The definition above this one was done by my stalker. It is a funny story to tell. I could have even had her, but, well, we could not marshall the necessary courage for that. And I was even a virgin at the time. Which begs the question - why can I not be stalked by someone intelligent, attractive, and preferably marxist? But I suppose there is some law of human relations that states that the stalker must be uninteresting to the stalked. Or I would have actually noticed her. Good times.

You should be able to find me...somewhere here is contact information.....
I, Konstantin, I suppose, am an example of myself?
by imperatorcons August 13, 2011
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Tall, pale, skinny, skinny as a twig who also likes skinny girls to squirt on him. Also stubborn as a mule and terrible with girls. Stalks girls and makes them feel uncomfortable and waits to the last moment to make his move, and gets rejected. Terrible at games and sports and is obsessed with Left for dead. Calls people names and ends up getting beat up by that person.
Girl: Oh, that annoying Konstantin is staring at me again. What a faggot.
by bigdaddy345 May 14, 2013
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Konstantin is a guy who looks like a bear, walks like a penguin, talk like a chicken. He is soft like a tranpoline. Usually is launching like a fox and can be found in the russian school.
OHH Konstantin! You are so batutcho!!!
by Gnoma May 08, 2018
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