A Slavic non-alcoholic sweet beverage consisting of mainly fruits, sugar, and water.
by Bardo-zilla_37 February 28, 2017
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The only thing you need in your slav life, it has sugar, fruit, babushkas love, honey, and everything else you need inside. Neighbor Vadim keeps on taking it though
Vadim: Babushka made me kompot

Anatoli: No! Boris' kompot
Boris: Vadim! You stole babushkas kompot! Stop taking her kompot, my kvass, and Anatoli's vodka

Vadim: No blyat
by DATSHOTGUN579 January 03, 2019
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This is one of the most commonly used words in Bulgaria! Kompot means some fruits in a jar with lots of sugar :D !
It tastes like orc ass and smels like dead rats ;) .
Kompot da ti otvorq li?
Should I open some kompot for you?

by DUPAS July 05, 2007
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- Mom, can I drink some Coke?

- No! Kompot!

- Okay...
by Ukrainian Girl November 14, 2018
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