See Life of Boris .
Anatoli is the cousin of Boris .

Things I learnt about Anatoli:
1. Speaks fluent Red
2. Absolut savage
3. Dances to rhythm of hardbass
4. 25 kg of semechki for Anatoli is not enough
5. Will always be sleeping until the end of month
6. Loves cheese
1. Boris: "Okay world is watching. Say something."
Anatoli: "Davai"
Boris: *Laughs* "Urod Blyat"

2. Boris: "Okay cousin you can make your own now."
Anatoli: "Tchevo blyat?"

3. Anatoli: *holds cheese*
Boris: "Anatoli, put down the cheese. No, NO!"

by CreateADifferentWorld January 12, 2019
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A nice lad, someone who can really brighten your day. Often argumentative and a little stubborn but it'll get him far in life. He is destined to live an interesting life full of surprises. The ladies love him but he holds no interest in such things. If you are not lego he probably won't play with you.
Hey that guy is really nice, he's a real Anatoli
by Thdhsicnsjxockcmskskcoemwm November 12, 2016
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First and foremost, he's that guy everyone thinks of as suspicious. He goes to a really expensive international school/college, but wears cheap shabby clothes, but at the same time a Rolex. There are rumors that he's in the Russian mafia, and no one really knows whether that's true or not. Doesn't talk a lot. Spends a lot of time with sketchy friends, typically older than him. Even though he seems shy, he's a real party-animal that can drink a seemingly endless amount of vodka, and the drunker he gets the more Russian his accent becomes. He's always asking other people for money, but never pays it back. All in all, you can have a great amount of fun with him, but make sure he doesn't get to crazy.
Anatoly is a crazy Russian motherf*****
by Dictionary Namesss March 07, 2017
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