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A lovely Russian grandmother. Caring and Loving,they will always love you.
Babushka made split pea soup for us and other snacks after school.
I love Babushka!
by Sheeplover345 July 30, 2017
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It literally means "Grandma" in Russian.
The reason I bring this up, is because Americans tend to mispronounce the word.
It should be BAH-bushka, not ba-BOOSH-ka.
Ya lublu moyu babushku = I love my grandma ;)
by SMERSH009x June 22, 2005
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1 a triangular kerchief head covering

2 an elderly Russian or eastern European woman. Stereotypically stout.
Once a week I visit three babushkas.
by Mandingoe May 31, 2004
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real def:
russian for grandmother

urban def:
to interject with when someone else is speaking and you do not want to hear it anymore
john: "the other day there was....."
john: "..........."
by Noe Lozano March 21, 2004
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This is how Eastern Europeans and Russians call their grandmothers sometimes.
My babushka is the best!! She made so much delicious food for me! I love her more than anything <3
by bulgarianbanitsa December 17, 2019
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A crazy lady that has been around forever, disowns her grandchildren, and chases people with a stick. To some she is known as Oma or Grandma.
Erin: Babushka!
Babushka: WHAT??? If you stop yapping about that elf from LOTR I will chase you around with a stick!
Erin: But Babushka, you know you love me!!
by POPE March 25, 2004
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