Kolten is the kinda guy to make you feel special. The minute you meet him you want to be friends and you do. But as time goes by you start to fall Inlove with him because he’s an amazing guy and adorable and cute and couldn’t be better. He’s the type of guy to treat you amazingly, never make you feel like nothing, treat you like everything you are, makes you happy, knows when your down and he knows when to fix shit. If he did something he doesn’t just leave you, he tries to fix the problem. He’s an amazing person and honestly the best person you will ever know. He’s caring, nice, kind, loving and so much more. You may love him but you can’t have him, cause u fucked up. You had the change to be more but you messed up a lot. He wasn’t ready for a relationship and you got mad about it and ruined what could of been so much. You loved him but messed it up. I love you so much.
Oh shit there is kolten. He’s my one and only
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Incredibly awesome and cool and
Someone you would like to meet. Good listener and funny to talk to. They could keep you up ALL night and you wouldn't be bored, you would glady stay up.
Someone nice, kind, cool, and attractive.
Kolten is awesome!
by Arghhh Matey! November 21, 2010
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Kolten is the most loyal person when it comes to the right girl to keep him on track. He’s handsome and smart and great at anything he works hard at. Probably the hottest guy will ever meet and you will be even happier when u get under those pants 😉
by Kotlen November 28, 2017
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Kolten is a sexy, sweet, amazing person... Every girlfriend he has, he treats like his life depends on it!!
Girl 1: DAM... That guy's name must be Kolten because look how HOT he is!!!

Girl 2: IKR, I would like my boyfriend way better if he was a Kolten!!!!!
by Love😍😍😜😜😇😇 October 30, 2016
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Kolten is a guy who is only good in bed with guys. His penis size is -3 in. He’s a douchebag make sure to take birth control pills.
That douche is a kolten
by Ghdhshfh October 29, 2018
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kolten he is usually a faggot and has that tone of voice everyone hates he also run like a retarded anime character and has black hair so he can hide his galaxy buds and dates all them black people and also loves his wish ramen noodle outfits
by dga grdfcg ard November 04, 2019
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