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Fo shizzel bitchez Koho aighnt a Ho. Itz a Hockey equipment company innit. So fuck U that say itz sum sort hof Ho. Get a BAR fakaz liars get a BAR dis hiz da premiere go Pro Def. KOHO iz the best hockey stick maker in da wurld along wid ovur great hockey equipment thatll smash U head Right frough da boards stizzle.
LTZ: What type of stick should I buy this year.

MC Liquid: Yo buy a Koho man dere sweet shit hardcore.
by MC Liquid January 05, 2005
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Seoul sister doin' it for won; easy pusan-y punani(see also korwhore)
Got dough, wanna go, gonna blow on koho
by mista cholly April 03, 2003
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A female of Korean heritage or nationality who also happens to be a hoe/thot.
I'm in Koreatown and there's koho's everywhere.
by BussyBoppin September 15, 2018
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