7 definitions by MC Liquid

Yo Ride Da Punani Mean a bit a nobbin innit. If you is a bit batty Iz clear it up. Fer real it mean to have sex in a right banging style boyaka.
Yo bredren mez gonna ride da punani tonight hardcore stylez does you want to watch.
by MC Liquid November 19, 2004
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Yo dis hiz 1 of da bestest phrazes dere iz fo shizzel. Me az coinded dis term son no gezza can nick it unless dey is packin massive dosh or a lot hof buddah den me wuldz be to wrecked ta objekt aii. Basicly dis phraze mean when U rimz is spinning freestyle and blinging at de same time innit. U now da rims dat aignt attached on da outside dey spin by demselves. So den itz SPIN AN BLING MA FING. Dis wurdz is alzo ®®® which should be like a C wit a circle around it but me cant find dat key anver. Me wuz gonna draw it on da skreen, but me aignt gotz a marker ether. Big up to me homme X Zibit ow az given me da perspiration to cume up wit dis well good phraze, tell all U posse aii.Respek.....
Jaz: Rolin in a new BMW innit.
Me: Yo Spin an Bling ma Fing, Fo shizzle dat iz fly.
by MC Liquid December 16, 2004
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Fo shizzel bitchez Koho aighnt a Ho. Itz a Hockey equipment company innit. So fuck U that say itz sum sort hof Ho. Get a BAR fakaz liars get a BAR dis hiz da premiere go Pro Def. KOHO iz the best hockey stick maker in da wurld along wid ovur great hockey equipment thatll smash U head Right frough da boards stizzle.
LTZ: What type of stick should I buy this year.

MC Liquid: Yo buy a Koho man dere sweet shit hardcore.
by MC Liquid January 05, 2005
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A word that signifies agreement between a person and some event or something another person says. Developed in Madame Wrights French 11 Class as a bit of a hack on her. Now you're immortal I cheated ha. Damn WwRight.
WL Massive is da best, Damn WwRight.
by MC Liquid November 19, 2004
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Fer Booyakasha mean a right many fings. But like fer da most part its a greetin innit. Iz use it all da time wit me posse.An When Me iz nobbin J Lo. straight up me aignt shitin you. Yo shout out bredren. Iz out Frek mez, Flamez.
Booyakasha Mez aboot ta talk to me rude boy ere about da Mac Daddy, Ronald McDonaldz aight.
by MC Liquid November 19, 2004
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A phrase dat describes something very cool innit. Like if youz get a million bucks that would be sweet ass.
Teacher: You can leave early from class today.
Me: Sweet Ass!
by MC Liquid November 19, 2004
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Yo Ere Me now Iz about ta bust down da massive word fing for all yous batty boys. Ere Me Now iz one hof da best phrazes to use when your posse aignt listenin. Or like in da case some spasticated Geezer hez like trying ta ignore yous.
Yo Ere Me Now Dis be none utter dan mez main G Kernal KFC.
Aight so yous is like da geezer oo makes all dem chikens fings innit.
by MC Liquid November 24, 2004
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