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One of the greatest true loves shared by Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson. Their love is very obvious, but neither will admit... yet...
"Do you ship Kogan?"
"Everyone does."
by Kogan is love November 01, 2011
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It is the bromance name for Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson. It's the most popular 'ship' in Big Time Rush and they're like brothers-best buddies and knew each other before the formation of the band. They often hang-out and go on vacations together and share a special bond compared to other members of the band.
Rusher 1: What's your favorite bromance in Big Time Rush?
Rusher 2: Is that even a question? Kogan all the way.
Rusher1: Oh yeah, I don't think any Rusher can deny the special bond that they share!
by MusicLover1 September 29, 2013
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A man or woman characterized by extreme douche baggery. Usually an old grumpy spoilsport that hates fun, and enjoys being a buzzkill.
That grumpy old kogan fucked us over when he didn't let us camp on his land.
by master windu December 09, 2011
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Word used to describe an ignorant high school girl who is utterly incompetent and is a hindrance to society. Often trendy while still claiming thier individuality.
Anya can be such a kogan sometimes. Just yesterday she asked me if Big Ben was a bus
by Redding Smooth December 12, 2009
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