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A free spirited person of Germanic descent who really enjoys a good time with friends and copious amounts of alcohol.

Koesters are known also for being very stubborn, but are also very loyal to those they care about - often getting into fights because of these two reasons.

They spend lots of time involved in various hobbies and outdoor sports, including but not limited to: bowling, fishing, hunting, camping, ATV riding, mudding in trucks and shotgunning beer.

Additionally, all Koesters are horny bastards that are relentless in the pursuit of sex.
ex. 1 - While out at the Sportsmens' Club last weekend, I ran into a bunch of Koesters shooting clay birds.

ex. 2 - Those Koesters have been bowling since they could push a ball down the lane.

ex. 3 - God you are such a Koester, you drunk bastard!!! Why can't you ever see things my way?

ex. 4 - Ever since I started dating a Koester, we've been going at it like rabbits! He's like the Energizer Bunny!!!
by Jane Doe 1 March 02, 2009
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