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a super duper uper sweet guy who can make anyone smile. he is so adorable and funny and can cheer anyone up. kodee’s light up a whole room and make the perfect boy friend. if you have a kodee you better hold on to him because if you let go you will never find anything better!
girl- do you see that sexy boy over there..his name has to be kodee!
by kodeelover May 20, 2018
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It's similar to bredrin. It means best mate, special mate close mate. Someone you known for a long time. Sometimes you see it spelt differently like kodeeh. These varitations are rarely seen.
'She's my true kodee'
'yo kodee hows you?'
'heya kodee'
by Mollzyy February 18, 2008
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kodee is someone i miss so very much.. i hope you see this one day :) kodee is very lovable. he has the cutest dimples. he’s very caring especially for other people <3 very very luvable he’s hands down the best male a woman could ask for. don’t let him go like i did.
omg i want kodee as a boyfriend!
by mylesteller:) December 02, 2017
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