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What kind of country is this where a decent man can't go into the privacy of his neighbors house and fire off a couple of knuckle children because he doesn't own a dvd player?
by Sgt. Scrotes September 10, 2005
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Semen, especially when released by masturbation.
"Where exactly in the Bible does it say that a man can't fire off some knuckle-children in the privacy of his own neighbor's living room, while his neighbor's at work because I don't have a DVD player." -Peter Griffin
by helljin December 30, 2005
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aka sperm, jiz, cum, ect.
After I get off work, I'm gunna go let off some knuckle children.
by WeekMokers9999 September 06, 2005
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Jesus looked so hot in that robe that I felt the need to fire off some knuckle children after my family left for work.
by mikethecoder September 20, 2005
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