A singer that everyone has heard of
Doug: did you see Beyoncé at the grammy’s last night?
Clay: who is Beyoncé?
Doug: how do you not know who the fuck Beyoncé is???
by Kidswillbekids April 20, 2019
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The only person Queen Elisabeth II would bow down to.
Did you see The Queen bow down to Beyoncé during her concert last night.
by _Kaiterpiller May 30, 2018
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Beyoncé is the Goddess of music and the best female vocalist of all time besides Whitney Houston. She is the best female performer and a multi-genre artist. She & Jay Z are the most respected celebrities ever in the whole industry. Even while pregnant, Beyoncé makes sure she gives the world her best performance! She can dance and she has the best vocals/voice especially while she's pregnant or sick! Beyoncé is truly the best female entertainer of all time.
Did you see Beyoncé performing at BeyChella last night!?

Yes, I've never seen anything like that before! She's crazy talented!
by naliyahx October 20, 2020
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She’s damn sexy, has a fat ass, and asks you to move to the left
Beyoncé is a beaut
by Kidswillbekids October 5, 2019
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When an artist unexpectedly releases an album or mixtape without announcement, promotion, or advertisement.
Drake Beyoncé'd his mixtape last night on soundcloud and then he removed it and made us purchase it.
by tommisalami February 13, 2015
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The queen 🐝 she is the baddest of them all . She can own all of you . Her daughter is richer than me .
Their go Beyoncé on stage
by TLD❤️ April 14, 2017
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