Misspelt 'know'.

Stop using it or die.
Ur so cute and i knoe it
by RAWR HISS October 24, 2005
1. Another spelling of the word "know".
2. To understand, to be informed.
1.Bill and I knoe a secret.
by Olivia September 6, 2003
when you spell know wrong. Sorry Teres, jeez.
I know that you knoe.
by Jester February 17, 2003
If someone sais "i knoe" it means they type too fucking fast and u should shut up if u try to correct them mf.
"Minecraft is better" "yeah i knoe" it also means that ur swag asf
by Swag person lol June 1, 2021
Alternative name for the Island in Ice Station Z, the most underrated Nintendo 3ds title.

The name was given when ISZ was in its prime. Unfortunately, It is now only a shadow of its former self.
guy 1: "ey bruh, lets blast dem noobs in Briggie Knoe shall we?"

by earwax022+ September 18, 2019
Really its just a general saying said in London by the youths of today. It means you don't know for example

"You dun knoe the myspace"
"My man's a badman, you dun knoe"
by Jt the bigga nigga August 19, 2008
normie boy: "do you knoe da wae"
meme artist: "niggy is you normie?"
by i noob ur mom January 23, 2018