James knocked over the truck carrying shoes and sold them on the black market.
by soundn3ko November 8, 2008
To hold up or rob.
In New Orleans, every week someone tries to knock over a Popeye's Chicken store.
by octopod June 21, 2004

1. to rob, to commit a robbery

2. a robbery

3. to raid
They tried to knock over the store and learned a hard lesson when they got caught.
A term used to describe an excessive use of force for a simple situation
(After completely destroying a carnival stand with a laser) Gru: Knocked over!

I completely destroyed that 4 piece puzzle. It was knocked over!
by Gru the Villain July 15, 2010
(v.) to unstealthily rob.
I know a house you could knock over with some really good stuff in it.
by kung-fu jesus November 7, 2004
To 'knock over the fishbowl' is a euphamism for failing a 'girlfriend test', where your girlfriend sets up a test to ensure that you are committed to the relationship.
Alice invited me over to her apartment. Turns out my girlfriend was waiting there... Way to knock over the fishbowl.
by karkaran117 September 16, 2014
the state of being knocked over to the max
damn, that bitch got knocked over fo realz
by hiimmegan February 28, 2011