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Area of a slaughterhouse where animal carcasses unfit for human consumption are rendered into useful materials such as glue.

As an English colloquial expression, it is used to describe a person or object that is spent beyond all reasonable use, as in "He is only fit for the knacker's yard".
"If Barry Bonds' knee gets any worse, the only trade the Giants will find possible is one with the knacker's yard".
by Guy Dalziel August 02, 2006
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Exactly as above. A British expression. A place where an animal carcass (or carcase, depending on your dictionary), usually a horse (this is from way back when people still kept them within city limits, before automobiles took over) was disposed of and turned into glue. To be "knackered" is to compare one's self to being dead, exhausted, etc., often in a post sexual context, but any kind of tired will do. It is an allowable expression on the BBC. It has nothing to do with being injured in one's private parts, and there's many words for that, already.
I just worked two shifts and I'm fit for the knacker's yard.
by quas1 September 26, 2010
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