so bad as to cause pain in anything that is witness to the horribleness.
that's more than bad, that's klax.
by Morifen May 1, 2006
I’m so klased right now...

are you klaxed dro?

Let’s klax tonight

Just Klax bro...
by Chilled October 16, 2018
The chick that 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' in the classic Atari arcade game Klax.
I love it when I amaze the klax whore. Means I cleared that level pretty damned well.
by Wordmaster B December 28, 2005
A noun used to distinguish the difference between the type of nu rave music made by Hadouken! and Klaxons. Klax-rave is a subgenre of this music scene, consisting of more indie and rock influence. Antonym of Hadou-rave.
There is an obvious difference between Hadouken! and Klaxons, therefore Klaxons should be categorized into Klax-rave and Hadouken! into Hadou-rave.
by Leah Carlsson January 2, 2008
Klax is a very insane FPS player, is a pro at Fortnite and can full piece you any day. He separated from his past duo named Kuro because he became washed and fell off.
OMG is that Klax?!
by KlaxGG March 12, 2022
"Dinah's doing a Klax again."
by Derbyshire Linguist September 12, 2022