Not breaking the kit-kat, and eating it like a normal candy bar.
Tom, "dude! kit-kat I'm going to eat it in one bite *MUNCH*"

Bert, "Kitkat Foul dude"
by antonyms1110 July 17, 2012
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Inferior minds who won't choose another flavor instead of Oreo when available
-I'll take an Oreo milkshake
-I'll take it strawberry flavoured
-KitKat pussy...
by migouche March 19, 2021
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The amount a fingers a female can fit inside her vagina. If this is rating is above 4 then the rating will have the letter "C" after it, representing KitKat Chunky.
- "what was her KitKat rating dude??"

- "She was a 2......"

-"Not too bad then...."

by frankblud May 19, 2011
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2 fingers in stead of the full four( you know...with a broad)
i was in bed with your mom and i gave her the halloween kitkat.
by thedalmation November 13, 2007
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can also refer to 2 fingered action btween lesbians
dont bother asking her if she wants a drink mate, she does the kitkat shuffle
by VonVrulesOK July 21, 2009
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The lips of a girl's pussy! Meow!!

The word takes its name from the innuendo between 'Kat' and 'Pussy'.
Also for those who don't mind getting freaky and going downtown, a bit of pussy licking is as tasty as eating a KitKat!!
'Yo my bwoi Rob knows how to nibble dat KitKat Flap'

by emelia86 September 02, 2006
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similar to the term kitkat, when four fingers are inserted in the anus and removed covered in faeces resembling a four finger kitkat. the difference is however that instead the whole fist is inserted and removed resembling something like a kitkat chunky. this act usually takes place with the person or persons shouting 'CHUNKY' whilst inserting their fist.
matt: CHUNKY!
ellen: oh do we have to? my arse is still sore from last time.
matt: CHUNKY!
ellen: oh go on then, be quick...
matt: i do love a good kitkat chunky !!
by russelh December 13, 2009
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