Inserting 4 fingers into the female anus (four sticks covered in choclate)
"we fooled around, and i finished her off with the kitkat"
by Carlyle May 02, 2007
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Sticking four fingers into a partners asshole so on removal they are brown and resemble a Kitkat chocolate bar.
Jane says to Gemma:
"My asshole hurts so bad. Last night Frank gave me a kitkat"
by Trewman March 06, 2007
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grays cat that passed away and deserves to be remembered :(((
by gayfuckingfag February 03, 2021
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The act of breaking four of the fingers on a theif's left hand.
We caught Rob stealing a Reeses' so now we are going to be kitkatting this douchebag.
by Sylum May 21, 2013
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