A person who has no regard for anybody and has no respect for others. Usually a forum bitch who always tries to act like she is the queen of the world. No lifer who disregards rules and wishes for the whole world to contract AIDs and die. Just a miserable piece of shit.
Stop being such a kitkat...

Follow the rules. You don't want to be banned like kitkat!
by lololololkitkat August 17, 2009
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A Kitkat Guy is a large, usually muscular male who finds amusement in stupid things like his vintage Kitkat t-shirt that he probably got at Walmart and thinks is clever. He also can commonly be found without a shirt as to show off his abs while he washes his parents car. Generally has a small amount of facial hair he thinks is "rugged." His favorite part of the school day is gym class. Will respond in a hostile manner when his masculinity is questioned in a situation. Recite out of date terms such as "broham" "rad" "the bomb" psych!" and "off the hook" Most reside in upper-middle class white suburbs.
That Kitkat guy is currently washing his parents car without a shirt on but he's still wearing a necklace, what a douche bag.
by Jables and Robbotron July 10, 2008
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The act of kitkatting someone (4 fingers in) while menstruation is occuring, hence giving the appearance of a strawberry kitkat.
Zoe love to get strawberry kitkats from Steven.
by Charrr July 25, 2008
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When a man or woman throws four fingers up a gapping snatch. This is not to be mistaken with the snack size kitkat, which involves only two fingers.

The woman receiving the sexual favour has to be a hoe bag
Adam: Did you fuck that girl last night?
Ben: No mate, just fingered her
Adam: Original kitkat or snack size
Ben: Original, she was as loose as a wizards sleeve
Adam: She is a hoe bag
by Thomas Belling October 30, 2011
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when a male puts 4 fingers into a females vagina
i gave her the ol` kitkat handshake lastnite
by Damon robinson July 09, 2006
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When you feel the need to get fucked by a KitKat at in a small surrounded area such as maybe a portable toilet
Claire: so Eddie I suppose it was KitKat Kink yesterday for you and Gemma?
by ivegotascabbypenis November 02, 2019
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1) A chocolate wafer bar that has melted down and attached itself to other items in your bag.
"I was trying to pull the Penske file out of my briefcase but my professional presentation was foiled by the presence of a clingy kitkat."
by NoPants21 July 09, 2014
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