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Some kid who has some big creepy mother effing eyes and is some know it all troll that sits in my math class and acts like he is better than everyone. He is also given everyone the death big eyed stare that freaks that turds outta everyone. He plays a whole bunch of computer games preventing him from getting any pussy but only penis. He is also a wrestler that proves he only likes penis in his very small anus and probably has some type of ear herpes.
Dude, look at that flaming homo sexual. Whatta Kiry.
by Hairy Ham January 20, 2012
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A ridiculously short asian girl. She's a back stabbing bitch who will do anything to make the people around her jealous. She floats in between friends, but calls everyone her BFF. If she thinks you like a guy, she'll do anything to get in between you and him. Guys are blind towards her two faced behavior.
Kiry: Hey Girl, you like Guy right?
Girl: Ummm, yeah...?
Kiry: Ok, cool. He's my best friend. We hang out all the time. We text like 24/7. We Skyped at like 2 in the morning last night. I love him, hehehehehehe!!!
Girl: Grrrrr...
Guy: ???
by ThxALot August 25, 2013
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