Kindle kids is used when someone with a kindle fire has chatted up kids on there kindle fire, so you call the kids kindle kids as they have been captured by a pedo.
by Good at ark August 11, 2018
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The feeling of superiority one gets when reading in public on a Kindle and seeing another person reading a paperback or an alternative brand e-reader.
Kindle Owner: 'I had such Kindle Pride when I saw someone reading a paperback on the train the other day.'
by Martinho August 31, 2013
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A visit to the lavatory made more comfortable by the use of a Kindle, resulting in an extended stay on the bowl, affecting all of your family members who are desperate to relieve themselves.
Sienna: Dad, can I please use your ensuite to go to the toilet? Paris is in ours.
Dad: Why? She won’t be long.
Sienna: Dad. She took in her kindle. She could be in there for days. I think she’s three chapters deep! It’s definitely a kindle shit.
Dad; Fine. We need to leave in an hour or so, I’ll go and tell Paris to snap it off.
by Andos Hastos December 24, 2021
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The resonating sound a kindle makes as it bounces off your skull when you fall asleep while reading.
I had a particularly painful kindle surprise last night, hence the black eye
by Web4less July 18, 2021
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Settling down on the couch or bed, to lose yourself in an E book.
The next book in my favorite series is ready for download. Time to go home and Kindle Up for the night.
by Chefspam October 05, 2014
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The acting of rubbing ones feet together like a cricket impulsively when you lay down in bed.
Alex tried not to do a kindling jig when he got into bed with Alice but he couldn’t help it
by Spicysirachagirl April 30, 2020
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