Kimmy is the hottest girl in the world. She is beautiful, and has a great figure. Typically has blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She laughs at nearly everything, and never fails to make you smile. Any guy would be lucky to have Kimmy, as would any girl be lucky to have her as a friend. She has a beautiful personality, and always gives the impression of being a very happy girl - though this may be just an illusion. Kimmy is insecure and likes to be reassured.

Kimmy is a beautiful girl with a great body. She is great in bed! Every man would love to have a Kimmy, but she chooses only the best.
She is also one of the best friends you could imagine. She is trustworthy, and very kind and caring. She is empathetic and non-judgemental.

Kimmy is a wonderful lover and friend.
Kimmy has beautiful blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She has great style and a great body to rock her clothing in!!
by Hiimanon October 20, 2013
Is your boy, will always be call you a turd blossom...your welcome everyone, no inside jokes, no non celebrities, as for the background information, the background is a dark blue, filled with ads. However, the background of this definition is white. You have been informed about the background
Oh fuck off Kimmy you're not funny
by TheRealChingChong August 4, 2020
She's a game addicted crystal girl with an addiction to monster. she likes scaring her friend and talking about random stuff, mostly at times she shouldnt be saying something.
kimmy: "Help I look like i hand out bibles."
me: "were at a funeral, Kimmy"
by KleineBlonde February 15, 2022
A very pretty girl. Usually has blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. Shes usually quiet until you get to know her, then she never shuts up. She laughs at almost everything. She has a bit of a temper but she cant help it. She falls for guys way too easily and gets alot of boyfriends. Any guy would be lucky to have her as well as any girl would be lucky to have her as a friend. Shes just plain amazing.
Daannggg, look at kimmy. Shes so beautiful.
by Foreverxemily August 25, 2012
Kimmy is a beutiful girl who loves most around her she is a major Christian who has gorgeous brown eyes and brown hair she is great in bed she is usually quiet until u get to know her good luck trying to get her to be quiet u never would want to lose her she has her bad side u never want to get on because believe me she could do a lot if damage she is short for the most part but it's so adorable she goes for the wrong guy most if the time but she would for sure find the right one who sees the things I do but she's way more than what meets the eye her laugh is so cute even if she sounds like a squealing mouse she loves icecream and sweets when shes upset u can't ever get over her smile nor can u stay mad at her shevhas those moments when she wishes pain would go away she's negative a lot but normally towards herself she just needs the right person to show her the truth she is very hot but is incecure of the way she looks if u have a Kimmy don't be scared to tell her the way u feel she'll come and go tell her how much she matters and never stop loving her
Wow Kimmy you are so beautiful don't change for any one 😍😍
by Emmelee September 9, 2017
The name of your freckly best friend. Laughs like a squealing guinea pig, and always has something to talk about.
Peter: Wow Kimmy, you're looking awfully freckly today.
Kimmy: hahahhehehehahahehahhohohoha :)
by ripin150 November 30, 2011
Kimmy is a beautiful girl about 5'8" tall who can fulfill all your dreams. She is a Godly woman who loves her children and her Bobby. She amazes me around every corner with her intelligence and sense of humor. She normally likes Big Brother and Bachelorette. She has also recently become a fan of Swamp people. I love her a lot
She is so smart, she must be Kimmy
by Lemtech August 1, 2011