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A show about huntin' alligators and living on the swamp. The people are so redneck that they have to put subtitles when they speak. These people are cajun and their ancestors have been huntin gators for over 300 years. They are committed to their way of life and living off the land
Quotes from Swamp People "das a tree-shaka

Chootem Clant Chootem!!!"--Troy a character on the show
"Gators not a stupid animal. It don't take'em long to learn, they learn...quick"(snap)-- Junior
by Sex Demon February 17, 2012
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less desirable people of poverty, who ignorantly perpetuate their own misfourtunes that live and die in one location.
โ€œYou know Philโ€™s dad votes republican no matter what, picks up roadkill for living, just like his dad and grandpa did, yeah, heโ€™s swamp people, all the wayโ€
by Aytrackz February 25, 2018
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