Someone who is seriously awesome. Has a huge heart. You can't help but love her. Always likes to meet new people. Very outgoing and helpful. Has too much energy all the time. Kind of embarrassing to be around.
I'm in love with a Kimmie!
by dollydiva September 30, 2009
A Kimmi is the hottest of the hot!! Gorgeous inside and out. All the girls are so jealous of her. She’s got it all, including how smart she is. The most loyal friend/partner you will ever meet.
by Allupnya February 22, 2021
Beautifully complex, multifarious, infinitely stupendous, immeasurably unique, determined, headstrong, sugar, spice, and everything nice :)
You'll never meet another gal, that's anything like a Kimmie. <3
by Twomoons November 18, 2010
A beautiful flower with soft pedals. the reason they call roses by that name is because no one had come up with the name Kimmi yet.
I opened the door and a beautiful vase of many colored kimmis where there to great me with a note.
by Justagirllv October 10, 2011
Short for the midget despot Kim Jong Il. Used as a nickname for the leader, pronounced (key-mee).
J: US should just nuke kimmy
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
girl who's favorite number is 11. people always compliment her on her singing talents.
she's humble and doubtful but she has a great future ahead of her. music is her favorite thing in the world. and her family means everything to her.
damn that girl can sing. why doesn't she take compliments well. she's definitely a kimmi.
by svetlanna zocorro August 24, 2008