one who eats much chocolate.

a girl who owns 3 cats usually at least one is pregnant.

one who owns fat dogs.

a cougar, normally likes little boys.
I love kimmy
by abachaba January 1, 2010
Competative, nice, always a leader, never a follower, lucious kissable lips, seductive bedroom eyes, growls when aroused, drives the ladies wild!!! OWNED BY STEPHANIE!! Can't stand a fake ass bitch!
When I think about Kimmie......I can't help but touch myself!!
by S&K4E September 8, 2010
A very sexy girl whom i love very much and bring her candy all the time
by dcdprox February 28, 2012
Used to describe a person having genetalia of both sexes or a male cross dresser. Sourced from a book by Christopher Moore and the motion picture "Hangover 2".
He was hitting on that kimmy all night?
by justaword guy January 12, 2012
1. It's synonymous with grinding, however its connotation is more of a hardcore grind.
2. When girls seek guys, mostly Puerto Ricans/ African Americans, to touch her butt to his genitals.

3. Grinding like an Orange to Orange peeler.
1. Do you see that Puerto Rican Guy? Yeah, I wanna Kimmy on him!
2. Kimmying really gives the Guteus Maximus a good work out!
by TMA STUDENTS July 6, 2013
When someone is kimmy theyve got some sick rims.
im gonna be straight up kimmy once i get my 24 inch chrome.
by ponylover April 6, 2005
(Kimmie Gets Backstabbed By A Spy On TF2)
"I'm Not Playing Anymore!!!"
by iSammo March 28, 2010