2 definitions by Wade RCSD

The one trick every douchebag who dosn't skate wants to see you do. No matter how hard you try to do better tricks those douchebags will continue to ask for you to do a kickflip.
Hey man I know i just saw u 360 flip that stair case... but can you do a kickflip?
by Wade RCSD July 11, 2008
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(Reno 911: Miami)
When two white cops show up at an all black party asking for the music to be turned down and nothing happens, they begin to get frustraited and strip down posing as a "stripper gram" for Shugnight the rapper's birthday party then flee the scene by diving off the pier and swimming to saftey.

pronounced Shoog nite party
(gay cop sings while stripping)
"whos birthday is it!.... Shug.... night.. to the what... huh?"
by Wade RCSD August 16, 2008
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