when a skateboarder pops the board and performs two kickflips consecutively instead of just one
by Skater J October 19, 2006
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A kickflip done when ever you get new things that you use to skate e.g deck, shoes, wheels etc. that essentially detirmines how your life with that new thing will be.

Simmilar to the way that people hundreds of years ago would look at arbitrary things like cloud patterns to decide if the harvest will be good that year.
Person A: "Oh man I got new thunder trucks and a new deck the other day."
Person B: "Nice, how good was the kickflip test though?"
Person A: "It was perfect man my time with these are going to be a breeze."
by Milk__Em November 25, 2016
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A skateboarding trick in which the board flips and spins at the same time. Widely infamous because it doesn't 'look cool'.
Skateboarder: -does a varial kickflip-
'Image' Skateboarder: "That looked so retarded. Loser poser."
by Freak Obscene April 26, 2004
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something that you do or what you see other people do when you or they cant tre flip worth shit. the varial kickflip usually looks good best when you do it down a large gap or flight of stairs. it also can look decent flat if you pop it really high.

the majority of people who do varial kickflips are kids 10-16 years old which pretty much are novice skaters who kinda suck and cant tre flip.

Once you get tre flips this tricks is usually forgotten and is mostly busted out by good skaters in a game of skate when they've run out tricks to do to their opponent.
pop shuvit with a kickflip in it=varial kickflip.
by 7m7skater7 August 1, 2010
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a kickflip is when the board stays facing forward but rotates through 360 degrees (it turns upsidedown). Varial is another was of saying that rit rotates through 180 degrees (withought turning upsidedown), combine the two and you have a varial kickflip. (it is also known as a 180 kickflip or 180 flip)
"hey, I just did a varial kickflip down that four set."
by Neuronight January 19, 2004
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A skateboard manuever known for its beutiful nature.
Did you see Jeromy's kickflip-back lip, that shit was butter
by Jacob Schwartz March 31, 2006
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A Skateboard trick in which one Kickflips the board and does a Backflip, landing back on the board when both are completed. Timing is everything.
skater: "Check this out dude, Kickflip McRooster."
(lands trick)
friend: "holy f**k"
by will..just accept it! September 15, 2006
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