The kills that come up in the bottom left of your call of duty screen in the bottom left corner wehen you or anyone gets a kill. Also if you get a large amout of kills without anyone else getting kills.
(Rest of team): WOOOOAAahhh

Perak: Hey Searlie, stop hogging the KiLLFeeD man!

Searlie:Sorry dude im recording for my tage.
by xSearlie September 5, 2009
The place where all the deaths of the players are said.
Did the killfeed just say that he took the L?
by boopboopbap December 19, 2022
An annoying or irrelevant status update from a facebook friend that leads to your hiding said friend from your news feed.
The most common killfeeds for people are:

1) photos of a facebook friend's spawn, or updates relating to said issue
2) status updates from a husband/wife directed primarily at a spouse
3)attempts to rustle up friends for a meal or a barhop in far-off locales
by Moggraider July 2, 2011
A badass guy that plays call of duty modern warfare 2 and goes for good game winning killcams with trickshots and the creators gamertag is "Im Killfeeds"
Dude that was sick you just pulled a Killfeeds
by a badass cod mw2 player March 4, 2011
When, in a first person shooter game, one player gets so many consecutive kills so fast that only his/her kills show up in the killfeed.

Usually uses a sniper rifle.
DaFuz3 is so good at sniping, in every game he's owning the killfeed!
by Soulcatcherteej January 13, 2011